Purpose & Goal   Letter from Chairman      

Taiwan Foundation for the Blind was found in the end of 1991, reorganized as a national cultural and educational foundation in the end of 1997 and then became a national social welfare foundation in 2006 to expand the public service. The foundation is the first domestic organization to provide the complete service and prospective projection for the disabled people in terms of government's policies of culture and education, job training and related welfare.

The foundation was established by chairman Hsieh Pang-chun, his good friends and prominent community members through their 3-year efforts of tough fundraising. Chairman Hsieh is a public-spirited professional manager with abundant knowledge and practical working experiences, who is good at marketing, managing organization, running business and medical skills. The first fund for the foundation was donated by Chairman Hsieh.

Symbol of the foundation

The symbol means "Love", the Braille we should recognize.
The green Braille "Love" represents that the foundation starts with love and keeps growing, strong and sustainable vitality.
For the visually impaired people, "independent action" is the key to rebuild the self-esteem and confidence. Therefore, the foundation actively promotes the public interest activities in the hope of urging the government and encouraging the public to care and assist with the visually impaired people in order to gradually help them get along with the society to learn how to take care themselves independently and to get self-approval and self-fulfillment.

  1. To create an "obstacle-free living environment" for visually impaired people.
  2. To train visually impaired people to have the independent personality to get rid of the image of minority and dependence.
  3. To strive equal right and welfare for visually impaired people to promote their opportunity for equally participating in social activities though they have the visual problems.
  4. To encourage visually impaired people to have a comprehensive learning, lifetime learning and promote their level of knowledge and education.

For friends with love in mind

Few years ago, a group of kind-hearted people pursuing the social justice, devoted themselves generously to establish the foundation. After 21 years, the so-called disadvantaged organization in the public's eyes has gotten through the tough time and stands firmly though once it had faced difficulties. The foundation persists in going on its way by the spirit of union to face the turbulence of global economy and the gloomy domestic economy. We believe that:

  1. The only way to create the social credit for a non-profit social welfare organization is to keep improving in the process of pursuing professional, focus on management, ask efficiency and benefit by self-disciplined attitude and demonstrate the result. Then the complete social credit will be the only path to reasonably get the social resources.
  2. The foundation is a social organization to hold hope for our society and always thinks positively and believes human's goodness by nature. Although the foundation is the mission for visually impaired people, we must ask ourselves to have a vision and prospect. A social welfare organization losing its ambition will become an organization which passively depends on relieves and will only face the end of the organization in the future.
  3. "Passion" is the same attitude for all members and volunteers in the foundation. We have passion for our mission, our homeland, our friends, the country's future and for those people still giving their charities as they were also affected by the gloomy global economy. We hope influence other minorities living in sorrow by our passion because the tragedy comes from people with sorrow in life! The foundation does not need tragedy and rejects the tragedy!

With the struggle and effort over the past years, the foundation has kept trying to help the blindness, moderate and severe visually impaired people to find a new opportunity and life. Now, the low visually impaired people are also included in the service. All of passionate members of the foundation will introduce every service to you. Therefore, we are proud of being a member of the foundation and hope you will also feel proud because of the foundation in Taiwan.

If you want to participate in social welfare, the foundation will be your best place.
If you are willing to donate to social welfare, the foundation will be your first choice.
Let all of our friends create a more beautiful tomorrow with passion.
Hope and welcome you to become our friends and let us explore the new world through our mind and eyes.

Bless you
Wish you good fortune and everything goes as you wishes

Hsieh, Pang-chun
Chairman of Taiwan Foundation for the Blind

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